Anzac Biscuits

It is possible to call Anzac biscuits as soldiers’ biscuits. These little biscuits played an important part Australia’s and New Zealand’s history. During World War I around 1915 soldiers’ mothers and wives sent these biscuits to the troops stationed far away overseas. At that time the problem was all foods they sent to their soldiers had to be carried on ships and shipping could take up to two three months. They needed something that would not spoil so this was the birth of Anzac biscuits. It was cheap and also easy to make, not perishable because there are no eggs and milk used in Anzac biscuits so it was easy to keep them fresh long time without refrigerator and these biscuits gave soldiers some added substance and nutrition at that time.

This traditional Soldier or Anzac biscuits are still highly popular and available always in supermarkets of Australia and New Zealand and especially even today traditionally Anzac biscuits are made during April as Anzac Day (25th of April) approach.