Baby 700 and cemetery

Baby 700 is a hill which is 180 meter above the sea level. Here was the scene of furious fighting on the 25th of April. It was occupied early in the morning by mixed parties of the battalions. Throughout the day both sides attacked and eventually Anzacs were forced back and at late afternoon the exhausted Anzac forces had been driven off the hill. The Turkish position on Baby 700 was the strongest of all positions at Anzac and overlooked many of the Anzac positions.

The cemetery was made after the Armistice and located near the hill’s summit. Here was to change hands five times and was covered by the dead of both sides. Baby 700 covers 1356 sq yards area and a large number of graves of soldiers from battalions were found here in 1919. Today Baby 700 cemetery has 493 burials but 450 of them are unidentified.