In the Gallipoli campaign almost one million soldiers from both sides fought with between one third and one half becoming casualties. Exact figure for casualties does not exist.

Turkey: Approximately more than 500000 troops fought here and 300000 of them were casualties including at least 86000 killed.

Allies: 410.000 British including Anzacs and Indians, 79.000 French troops totally 489.000 troops fought here and 205.000 British and Dominion, 27.000French soldiers became casualties killed, wounded or evacuated with diseases. It is estimated that more than 145.000 British soldiers became ill during the campaign. 60.000 Australians and 8.556 New Zealanders served on Gallipoli. Turks captured 70 Australians. British and Dominion forces suffered 34.000 killed including 8.709 Australians, 2.701 New Zealanders, 9.798 French soldiers died.