Long Pine and cemetery

Long Pine is located on the south of Anzac Cove and it was a strategically important plateau. During the World War I Australians attacked to the Lone Pine between 6th and 10th of August, 1915. At the beginning of the war it was named as Lone Pine because of the solitary pine that stood there. Lone Pine battle was one of the most important battles for Australians fought during the Gallipoli Battle. Battle area was in the size of two football fields.

On 6th of August, 1915 at 05:30 a.m. Australians attacked the Turkish trenches under artillery fire. At that time it was dark so Australian soldiers had white calico crosses on their backs to see each other. Turkish trenches were roofed over with pine logs and also covered with earth. Some Australian soldiers tried to remove the pine logs away, some soldiers fired them and some attack to the Turks. Many of the Turkish soldiers were killed, wounded or captured by Australians. Actually it was resulted in horrific casualties on both sides not just on Turkish side. It is right to say Lone Pine battle was one of the bloodiest battles of the Gallipoli campaign. Normally trenches on Lone Pine were the strongest and no attack was expected but Australians jumped into the trenches and they had hand to hand fighting. Australians took trenches at 6 pm. The battle of Lone Pine took place between 6 and 9 August, 1915. At the end of the Lone Pine heavy fighting 6500 Anzacs had been killed. Turks call here as Bloody Ridge. Lone Pine was held by Australians for several months until the evacuation of peninsula on December.

Lone Pine attack was the only successful attack against Turks. During the campaign the cemetery was constructed and it was greatly enlarged later. Lone Pine cemetery has 1167 burials. Lone Pine memorial which commemorates 4934 Australian and New Zealander soldiers who died in Anzac area stands at the east end of Lone Pine cemetery. Some soldiers who written on memorial died at Aegean Sea and buried in waters. In Lone Pine cemetery number of identified casualties is 663.