The Nek and cemetery

The Nek was a narrow track leading between Russell’s Top and Baby 700. It was reached and passed by Australian Battalion but not held. Anzacs had many attacks in Gallipoli but Nek attack was one of the most infamous one among all. Allied artillery bombardment was ended early because of a lack of communication. So Turks could reoccupy their trenches and also Turks were ready for the attack and all they were well prepared. When Anzacs left their trenches, in a short time Anzacs were mown down by Turks. In an area of two tennis courts over 300 Australian soldiers were killed and their bodies were never recovered. Until the end of the war their bodies lay unburied here. The Nek attack of Australians was futile and it was relieved in the movie of Gallipoli in the 1981 by Peter Weir.

In The Nek cemetery there are now 326 burials and just 10 of them are identified. When the ground was found covered with the remains of the soldiers who had fallen in 1915, cemetery was constructed in 1919 on the side of the Battle of The Nek.